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This area of my site is mainly devoted to the Locost self-build car. The locost is a Lotus 7 style clubman sportscar, designed by an automotive engineering teacher called Ron Champion. He wrote a book called Build your own car for £250. More information

I have rebuilt and modified several cars and motorbikes but I have always wanted to build a car from scratch.

When I saw the book, I thought I would give it a go. After reading the book several times I decided that I would have to make several changes to the design to suit my personal taste.

I knew £250 was wildly over optimistic so I allowed a budget of £1000 for the build. However, by the time I have finished it looks like the car will cost over £1500, even though I am using mainly second hand parts and parts from autojumbles. The donor car was a 2 litre injection Ford Sierra. My choice being based on the fact that these cars are very common, reasonably powerful (120 bhp / 84 KW) and cheap to maintain.

Links to pictures from my build. Click on the pictures to get a better view

Various parts modified for the Locost  Updated 18 Jul 2001
Engine installation and fuel injection  Updated 18 Jul 2001 (minor layout tweaks only)
Final engine installation New 18 Jul 2001

Locost Chassis Updated 16 Aug 2000
Locost bodywork Updated 16 Aug 2000

Locost bodywork part2 New18 Jul 2001


My next project (Yes, yes I know........finish one before you start the next)

Links to related sites

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Other sites of interest:
UK Locost club web site
Locost Mailing list Essential for anyone interested in Locosts. Be warned there is a lot of traffic on this list!

Technology Teaching Consultants  Ron Champion's home site

Dave Andrews Lots of useful info on tuning and sevens in general
DIY EFI    Make your own fuel injection!
4-link rear suspension write up on the suspension setup used on the standard Locost.

If you have any comments/criticism or advice then mail me.

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