My current projects

   This bike started off in life as a Kawasaki Z400 twin. I bought it as a pile of assorted parts from different bikes in the back of a friend's shed. The only parts that are original to the bike are the frame, engine and front forks. There are parts from all the japanese manufacurers on the bike now. Click on the pictures to see a larger image.

  This bike was basically complete but it had been outdoors for most of it's life and was badly rusted. I had to replace a large section of the frame that had simply rusted away.

  This is my current car. Believe it of not it is a production car!. It was made by Reliant, a small UK based manufacturer more well known for their three-wheelers. The main modification that I have done is to replace the abysmal 850cc Reliant engine with a 1000cc Fiat Uno engine. As the Fiat engine was designed for a front wheel drive car, the distributor projected out of the back of the engine and fouled the bulkhead so I had to design and build a mapped, distributorless ignition system. If you are interested in making your own ignition system then mail me.