Locost Chassis

Chassis from above   This is the chassis from above with a Bedford Rascal seat approximately in position. The frame of the seat has been narrowed and I have yet to reduce the width of the cushions and make new covers.

Towbar bracing  The bracing on the back has been changed to add strength to the towbar (towbar on a locost??!) and provide a little bit if rear impact protection.

The back end of the chassis with the rear suspension in place

One end of the axle showing the Cortina axle tube welded into the end of the Escort axle.Cortina tubes are smaller diameter than Escort ones, but much thicker walled. I have used Cortina half-shafts to end up with Cortina track but the diff can be easily changed. The Escort axle is also lighter than the Cortina axle. Note: the shock mount is only tacked on.

Rack mountRack MountI used a rather more solid rack mounting than in the book as I think Ron's mounts are a bit weak.

PedalboxPedalbox  The pedalbox uses Fiat Uno pedals (I happened to have them) and a Sierra master cylinder without the servo.

Clutch cable adjuster  I have been told that the Sierra automatic clutch adjuster has a tendency to break so I made a manual adjuster to fit on the bellhousing. I later found a cable, complete with adjuster and fittings that was ideal for the job. I was told it was from a Cortina but I cannot guarantee that is actually the case.

Diff in tunnel  The diff flange is very close to the tunnel on the driver's side so it may be time to get out the 2lb persuader to make a bit more room. The tunnel will be panelled on the outside with vinyl covered hardboard so the bump in the inside panelling will not show.

  The prototype dash propped in place. I have access to a CNC router so I can play around with shapes as much as I like!

Loadsa wiring! I do not know what the heater was out of but it is ideal for the Locost (£5.00 brand new from a local farmer!). Note the battery position. I used a smaller battery than the original but it is a good quality, high capacity unit.

The handbrake lever pushes the handbrake cable forwards as there is no room to pull the cable.

  I modified a Mini gearchange mechanism to form a remote gearchange extension.

The back supported on a pivotAn engine stand used to support the front
Here is the chassis mounted on an engine stand and a pivot so it can be rotated for easy access for painting. This was well worth doing and saved an awful lot of effort, trying to turn the chassis over without scratching paint etc..

Chassis etch primedChassis painted

The chassis was first etch primed then sprayed with two coats of synthetic enamel. It does not really show in this picture but the whole workshop ended up black! Sorry about the picture quality - I bought a new flash gun and haven't got used to it yet.


ught a new flash gun and haven't got used to it yet.