Spax shock    Spax adjustable shock absorber, fitted with Spax adjustable spring platform. The shocks cost £25 for a pair at Beaulieu autojumble. They are new, old stock.

    These Spax adjustable spring platforms cost £16.50 ea from Merlin Motorsport. They are a very tight fit on the shock body. Typical - I paid more for the platforms than I did for the shocks!


  Sierra sump, shortened by 40mm and with an extra section welded in to restore lost capacity.
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  Steering rack, shortened by 100 mm to improve bump steer. It is shown next to a 30cm ruler to get an idea of scale. Turning a new thread on the end of the rack was not a job I want to repeat - that stuff is HARD.


As I intend to fit an electronic speedo I needed to replace the speedo cable with a speed sensor. This is the sensor before assembly. In clockwise order from top left they are: Top cover with sensor, main body, bearing dust cover and rotor.




This is the rotor. The 'wings' are fitted with small magnets that are detected by a hall effect sensor.




This is the back of the sensor. The electronics are completely encased in epoxy resin to protect them from dust and water.






You can just see the rotor that is driven by the gearbox.