Getting the cars home

 A friend and I went to collect them with a Range Rover and a large car trailer. Unfortunately the trailer was too short to take both cars, even with one right over the draw bar. I had pretty much resigned myself to making two journeys when my friend said 'Why not put one on top of the other?' After making a few measurements we decided it was worth a try. The plan was to put the Panda on backwards, lean two steel ramps on the front of it then drive the kit car up the ramps.

To reduce the height a bit we took out the radiator and flattened both wings. The previous owner looked a bit horrified as we laid into the car with with an axe and sledge hammer. The car was so rusty it didn't take much work to flatten the wings.


OnTrailer1.jpgOnTrailer2.jpgDriving the kit car on was a bit of an experience. The seat was not bolted in and was so low you couldn't see much out of the windows. Once on the ramp all you could see was the sky! Combine that with having to hold on to the steering wheel like grim death to stop the seat sliding back and the lack of a working handbrake and it all adds up to a fairly hair raising ride. Now imagine doing a hill start..

 As you can see we used lots of ratchet straps to make sure nothing moved

FlatFront2.jpgFlatFront1.jpg  Do you think we can get this one back on the road?

As all of the load was on the wings the engine was undamaged. I don't actually need the engine but I also have a Panda 4x4 that takes this engine so it may be useful as a spare.

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